Tracer Rods & Accessories

Tracer rods, Sondes, Induction Clamps, Mains Signal Injectors, Metal Detectors, Treasure Detectors.




The MTRAK is a midi traceable rodder for tracing route of buried/underground smaller dia non metallic pipes (eg. - 25mm dia pipes or higher).


The MTRAK is based on a 5.5mm composite fiberglass rod with2x0.5mm tracer copper wires. The midi traceable duct rodder contain slip rings and spring loaded carbon brushes provided in a galvanized metal tube frame to enable usage of either of the copper tracer wires on an independent basis with the option to use both wires simultaneously. The base of the traceable rodder contains a terminal box that provides 2 individual terminal connections to the 2 inbuilt copper tracer wires of the traceable duct rodder.

6mm Tracer Rod


Length: 100M

Reel Size: 60cm (H) X 50cm (W) X 19cm (D)

Rod Colour: Yellow

8mm Tracer Rod on Reel w/- wheels.


Length: 150M

Reel Size: 105cm (H) X 90cm (W) X 30cm (D)

Rod Colour: Yellow





Plastic Pipe Tracers

The unique C.Scope Plastic Pipe Tracers are designed specifically to allow SMALL diameter, non-metallic pipes to be traced.


Developed as a result of requests from the British gas industry the C.Scope Plastic Pipe Tracers are the smallest diameter product on the market and can be successfully inserted into pipes when nothing else fits. Their unique construction gives unparalleled reliability and yet allows both 'line' tracing AND the all important 'end' tracing using the remarkable Sonde technology housed at the very tip of the Tracers.


Comes in 20 metre or 50 metre lengths.


The C.Scope 8KHz & 33KHz Sonde is a small battery powered transmitter which, in typical use, would be screwed onto the end of a drain rod (a range of drain rod adaptors are available), and pushed down a pipe so that the pipe direction can be traced using the C.Scope locator set to 'Signal Generator Mode'. The location of a pipe blockage can be identified using this system, with enormous cost saving potential.

Mains Signal Injector

The Signal Injector is an accessory that allows the Signal Generator signal to be safely applied to an electrical system via a conventional 3-pin power socket. This signal will then be detectable on the buried supply cable outside the building.

Induction Clamp

The C.Scope Signal Clamp is a safe and straightforward way to apply the Generator signal to a cable or small pipe to enable precision tracing of this service.

Cover Locator / Metal Detector

The C.Scope CS880 is a neat solution to the problem of pinpointing the position of metal covers buried under earth, grass, concrete or bitumen.


Metal & Treasure Detector for Beach and Sand.


Operating System: Motion PI (automatic slow retune) Wide Band Pulse, optimised for beach operation.

Search-Head: 25cm POLO search head

Battery Power: 8 x AA 1.5 volt

Weight: 1.5Kg

Features: On/Off/Sensitivity control
 Belt mountable Adjustable stem length Counter balanced stem with armrest Headphone socket Weatherproof design

Ideal For: If you want to get serious about beach detecting, it doesn't matter what detector you are using now, you have to get yourself a CS4PI.