Cable Fault Equipment


Snap Shot

Fault Finding / Cable Length Measurement  TDR


Accurately finds cable length, impediment in the cable and conditions at the end of every wire in your data, power, or communications/video system

up to 1000 Metres.


With the complexity of today’s electrical, data, voice and video signal carrying systems, you need a tool that is fast, accurate and easy to use to see down the wire and show the exact conditions that exist. Snap Shot™ is that tool. Made in America with American technology, Snap Shot™ is the new 21st century tool for testing every type of cable in any industry. Advanced Spread Spectrum TDR technology works in all wire environments and is immune to voltage, current, or data stream disruptions. See the true picture of your wiring and cable systems with Snap Shot™ today.


  • Works on energized cables
  • Finds cable length or distance to fault from one end
  • Measures cable distance on spool
  • Accuracy of 1% or better
  • Calibrates NVP values
  • Internal memory for storing most used NVP values
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Built-in tone generator for cable tracing & identification
  • Loop test for continuous testing
  • Displays length reading in feet or meters
  • Auto-off to preserve battery life

Coax Clarifier

Test, Map, Profile and Qualify "Dark" Coax Cable Networks.


Dark unpowered coax systems give no clue as to their design, condition or configuration. The new Coax Clarifier™ by T3 Innovation makes it simple and easy to discern the layout of a coax network, locate faults on individual cable runs, identify remotes through splitters, and determine cable run length. In addition, separate wire mapping sets allow a technician to map out the entire coax system and measure the quality and characterization of the overall network for carrying services, such as high grade video, surveillance data and HD programming.

  • Fast testing using multiple wire mapping remotes
  • Quickly discover coax system layout configuration to save time
  • All testing in one unit: Discovery, Quality and Condition
  • Clear concise measurement display for easy understanding of the capability of each run


$295 +GST

Tel Scope™


The Tel Scope™ is the first true 21st century telecommunication line analyser, a true field instrument that delivers more information on line conditions and status than any other test set on the market anywhere in the world!

  • Rugged water and rainproof housing
  • Bed-of-nails cord set
  • Large backlit LCD
  • Glow in the dark keypad
  • On-hook voltage and off-hook current readings
  • Amplified line monitoring
  • Soft key menu system
  • Data Defender™ keeps digital lines safe
  • Continuous Polarity Indication
  • Caller ID/Call Waiting
  • Caller ID error detection
  • Last Number redial - 24 digits
  • Tone and Pulse dialling
  • Configurable Auto Off in all modes
  • Last number dialled, redialled or received
  • Detection of T1 and DSL Lines

$295 +GST

Power Prowler™


3-In-One DMM/TDR Cable Fault Finder for Energized or Unenergized Cables

Digital Multimeter

  • DC Volts, 10M Ohm input impedance
  • AC Volts, 10M Ohm input impedance
  • AC Volts with a lower impedance to reduce ambient noise pickup
  • Continuity with audible signal for low resistance
  • Ohms measurement 

Fault Location

  • Quick picture of existing cable faults & condition
  • Measures accurate distance to shorts or open faults
  • Measures cable length
  • Library of common cable type VOP values
  • VOP Calibration

Live Event Detection

  • Continuous monitoring for intermittent faults
  • Detect, locate and characterize cable faults
  • Ability to time stamp events



$725 +GST