Supplier of products for the

Utility, Underground Locating, Excavation, Plumbing & Electrical Industries around Australia.

Welcome To Altech Distributors

Altech Distributors is a supplier of field proven, quality Search, Test and Measuring products for the Utility, Underground Locating, Excavation, Plumbing and Electrical Industries around Australia.

  • Are you looking for underground pipes and cables or needing to excavate with complete safety.
  • Maybe searching for water leaks or gas leaks.
  • Or simply needing to test the integrity of an electrical installation or appliance.

Altech Distributors can offer a diverse range of quality products including:

  • C-SCOPE Pipe & Cable Locators.
  • Stanlay┬áTraceable duct rods.
  • Sondes and Accessories for the locating and Utility industry.
  • T3 Innovation Cable Fault find and length measurement, Telecommunication Line analyser.
  • Hanwei Gas & Leak Detectors for all confined space, domestic or industrial applications.
  • Hanwei personal and workplace Alcohol Testers.
  • ZIPLevel Laser-less digital level.
  • Electrical Test and Measurement, Appliance & Installation testing equipment.
  • Calculated Industries specialty Industry Calculators, Digital Measuring Wheels and Tools.

Altech Distributors can offer Service and Training to support our range of products:

  • Pipe and Cable Locator Training, Service and Calibration.
  • Service, Parts and Accessories for all our products.

The above products and services are also available across Australia through our network of trained distributors.